Asphalt Plant Locations

Our History

Hubbard has led development in Florida for nearly 100 years since
our company’s founding in 1920.

In that time, our many generations of employees have completed thousands of contracts, from large highways to small commercial site development. Our company’s history is one of continued evolution and growth. Beginning as a small independent construction company, Hubbard expanded its resources and influence through significant mergers over many years, as the founding company of the Eurovia USA network that now extends from as far north as Maine, to as far west as Texas.


  • Eurovia USA rebrands to VINCI Construction USA

  • Eurovia USA Formed

  • Hubbard acquires Tampa Pavement Constructors

  • Merger with Eurovia

  • Hubbard acquires Blythe Construction

  • Hubbard Group is Formed

  • Hubbard acquires Atlantic Coast Asphalt

  • Hubbard joins Jean LeFebvre of France

  • Hubbard Moves to New Lee Road Office

  • Tampa Division Opens

  • Hubbard Opens Mid-Florida Materials

  • Rapid Growth Continues

  • Safety Lites, Inc. Opens

  • Disney Comes to Florida

  • Hubbard Celebrates 50 Years of Service

  • Construction of Florida Turnpike

  • Heavy Excavation becomes Hubbard’s core business

  • Orlando Paving Company Opens

  • Frank M. Hubbard is named President of Hubbard Construction Company

  • Hubbard Construction Founded